Snarvei til hovedinnholdet

Some basic information about Toneheim

Toneheim Folkehøgskole is situated just outside Hamar, 120 km from Oslo. The school has a primary emphasis on music. Students are enrolled based on their main instrument. We offer individual lessons on all orchestral and jazz instruments, singing, piano, organ, accordion, guitar, and percussion. We also have teachers in all instruments used in Norwegian folk music, instrumental and vocal. Additionally, we offer individual courses in musical composition, and both choral and instrumental conducting.

Most classes at Toneheimare about music, such as: Music theory, harmony, aural training, music history, interpretation, music therapy, jazz improvisation and conducting. There is a strong emphasis on active musicianship. All students participate in ensembles such as: Choir, wind band, brass band, big band, string orchestra, chamber music groups and jazz bands.

Our students have a background in western classical music or jazz. We recommend students with their primary interest in rock music to apply to other schools.

All classes are in Norwegian. We have a basic Norwegian course for beginners.

The school has 160 students, all in a one-year course starting in August and ending in the middle of May. We have dormitory facilities with a combination of single and double rooms, and all students live in the dormitory. Age limit for application is minimum 18.

We start enrolment after February 1st (non EU applicators can be enrolled earlier). Applications are always received and considered after this date, but for most instruments there is a greater chance to get a place, if the application is received before February 1st.

The cost for a 2019/20 is as follows (all sums are in Norwegian kroner NOK):

  • Enrolment fee 3 000,-
  • Tuition fee 20 500,-
  • Boarding 103 000,-  to 107 000,- for single room, 94 850,- to 96 750 for double room
  • School trip to Budapest Hungary around NOK 6 000,-

This adds up to total cost for the whole year is between NOK 124 350,- and 136 500,-

Norwegian citizens can get funding from the state student loans. We offer no further scolarships for foreign students.

Non EU citizens are required to apply for a visa for studies in Norway. Please contact the nearest Norwegian embassy for more information.

There is an online application form. You will find a link on the bottom of this page. We will send a printed version if you call or send a mail to:

As in all folk high schools there are no grades and no exams, and there is a strong emphasis on each student’s personal development

English application form: