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About Toneheim

Toneheim Folkehøgskole is located in Ridabu, near Hamar. It’s one of the largest folk high schools in Norway. We offer a unique music school with many opportunities for creative development. All our students play and love music, preferably classical, jazz and/or folk music.

At Toneheim, we promise that you can develop and grow in many ways, both onstage and off.

«A year where you and your music will play the lead role.»

A free-spirited school year

We are a free-spirited folk high school with a basis in Grundtvig’s pedagogical ideas and Norwegian folk high school tradition. There are no grades or exams – you just need a passion for music.

Learning takes place through interaction between student and teacher, both one-on-one and as part of smaller classes. At Toneheim, the sole focus is on practical training and your personal development – not immersing yourself in theory only.

«You will live in our new dormitory houses, together with other young people with a similar interest in music. Together, you can support each other, make lifelong friendships and create a flourishing collaborative environment.»

Tailored to your needs

At Toneheim, you will get the opportunity to test and develop your skills, and to receive personal follow-ups from our talented and dedicated teachers.

Every year, renowned musical pedagogues and performers give masterclasses to our students. These guests come from renowned music institutions throughout the Nordic countries. Around half of our students seek higher music education after their year at Toneheim, and these students often become important contributors to Norwegian music life later on, such as teachers, instructors and performing musicians.

With people and music at the centre

At Toneheim, we will do our utmost to promote your growth and maturation through focusing on people, music, building good relationships and solid work. After a year at Toneheim, students should have greater social, academic and human skills.

Our values

We have chosen three core values that set the foundation of our school:


By generous, we mean that you should have space to be yourself and be met as who you are – within the framework that naturally applies in a school. Our passion means that we love making music and go to rehearsals and concerts with great joy and dedication! We are creative in that we provide ample space to create new music, new forms of interaction and new relationships. Music gives joy, meaning and direction.

School and tuition fees 2023/2024

This includes all fees and costs for a full school year at Toneheim:

Double room: 145 500 NOK

Single Room: 157 500 NOK

Are you ready for a year out of the ordinary? Apply to Toneheim!