Snarvei til hovedinnholdet

The international experience at Toneheim

Every year we have about 4 to 8 International students at Toneheim Folk High School. Frances, from the USA, reveals the international experience

Toneheim, Music Folk High School 19/20:

«Toneheim Folkehøskole has been a life-changing experience for me. It was the first time I had been surrounded completely by music. Throughout the day and into the night it was never silent at school because of the musicians playing. And I progressed in music dramatically because of that.

I was constantly experiencing new things and learning all of the time, not only because of the incredible music teachers but through being immersed in a new language, which my peers spoke most of the time. I came into the year hopeful and excited to learn. And I left for home feeling fulfilled and ready to take on my next adventure.

The school prepared me for this by 1) giving me a place that felt like home, even though my family and friends were across the world, 2) keeping me inspired and having fun while challenging me at the same time, and 3) giving me memories and friendships that I will keep with me my whole life. I wish I could do it again!

– Frances